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Offline Marketing / How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube
« on: August 25, 2015, 01:27:33 AM »
I usually find offers that give away something free and are in vogue. For example, a free iPhone. The iphone is a very hot product right now and people are crazy about it.
Find such an offer with the network you have signed up for. Try and pick an offer that has a landing page that is well designed and has a "call to action"
Typically a well designed landing page is designed in such a way that the only action the visitor can do is to fill out the form or close the page.
Pick out two to three good offers and save the affiliate links to a file.Make it popular with Tube Automator
Get Tube Automator to Automate itů
Finally use tube Automator to post comments and vote on your video. The more you vote and post with different accounts the more popular your video gets.

Hey Guys,

So I have a Facebook page with just over 500 genuine likes (Not a lot I know). Anyway, the page is about hot girls and stuff like that. How can I make money from it? Since most of the people who liked my page are horny guys, they don't have much of an attention span. I also, don't think trying to sell them anything would work very well (unless it was a facebook page about boobs. lol) Thanks!


P.S. When I post Adf . ly links on the page I make around 15 cents. Also, I have tried posting a PPD offer (pretending it was naked pics of one of the main girls, but literally nobody downloaded it.)

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